Enhancements Log

We make periodical changes to Math Chimp — it’s what keeps the site interesting and fresh. This is a list of the enhancements and bug fixes we make over time.

If you’d like to suggest a particular enhancement or if there’s a bug that needs to be fixed, please comment and we’ll keep you informed of updates pertaining to your request!

- Harry

Recent Enhancements

4/14/2013 – Many updates to Math Chimp in the last year!  Here are a few things we’ve been up to…

  • Added to our catalog of games, videos, and worksheets — Now over 300 activities for you and your students!
  • Enabled user-submitted activities — You can now add your own favorite activity to our listings
  • Written several guest blog posts on other sites like gpb.org

5/28/2012 – Excited to add Videos and Worksheets to our lineup here at Math Chimp!

5/28/2012 – New teacher reasources for June posted on the blog 1st grade math games

5/18/2012 – 2 new 1st grade math games and 4th grade math games today

— Mind the gap!  We were hard working and forgot to update the Log!… —

3/28/2012 – New games today for 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 8th grades

3/21/2012 – We fixed a hiccup on our 1st grade page that was hiding games. Let us know if you see any other issues. harrychimp@mathchimp.com

3/18/2012 – For teachers, a review of Buzz Math — math practice site for middle school.

3/14/2012 – 3 more games today for 5th and 7th grades

3/7/2012 – 3 new games today. 2nd, 5th, and 6th grades

2/29/2012 – Added 30 or so 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade math games!


  • MAJOR ENHANCEMENT:  Expanded Math Chimp from 1st through 5th grades to 1st through 8th grades! Here’s why.

2/22/2012 – Blog Post — No new games today, but Middle School launching this weekend!.

2/5/2012 – Quick blog post today discussing our expansion and upcoming Favorites page.

1/29/12 – We’ve picked out 3 Cool Websites for Teachers in this week’s blog post.

1/25/12 - 3 new games today for 1st graders from Sheppard Software.

1/23/12 - Win a spot on our homepage! — Anyone who submits game link to us before Valentine’s day gets a shoutout on our homepage… More info in our latest blog post.




  • New site feature in the works.  Should be coming within a month or two
  • Staying consistent with our New Year’s Resolution, posted 3 new math games today. 1st, 2nd, and 4th grades.



  • 4 games added today. Check out Treasurement, a 1st grade addition game with pirates. AAARRRRR!!! :)


  • 3 new games today… Also, gearing up for the new year. What are your New Years Resolutions?


  • 5 new games today… Check out Hop-To-It — a measurement game for 1st grade!



  • Another 5 games today!
  • Completed homepage user experience test.  Seeing big improvements!


  • 5 more new math games added today!


  • Added 5 new math games



  • Fixed defect causing the screen to be misaligned when logging in
  • New homepage buttons :)
  • Added 8 new games!



  • Added 5 more games — variety of grade levels and standards


  • Created “Categorization Flag” (see below) – This nifty little flag is now placed next to all games on Math Chimp. Clicking the flag enables users to tell us that a game was misplaced within the wrong grade-level or learning objective. The categorization flag enables users to help us keep the site clean and accurate!


  • Launched 4 new math games — Fractions mostly…


  • Launched 5 new math games. Considering increasing the frequency of updates or the quantity of games included in the update