2nd Grade Math Games

According to the Common Core Standards, 2nd grade math games should focus on four critical areas: (1) extending understanding of base-ten notation; (2) building fluency with addition and subtraction; (3) using standard units of measure; and (4) describing and analyzing shapes.

All 2nd Grade Math Games

This is a listing of all our 2nd Grade Math Games. Newest games are on top!

Screenshot Name / Description Flag? Rating
Dolphin Money Counting
Have your dolphin add up the correct amount of change to win!
Feet and Inches
Convert from feet to inches in the matching-style game.
Giraffe Dash - Race Time
Convert analog and digital time to win in the giraffe race!
ABCya Counting Coins
Learn about coins with this interactive lesson on coins.
Dragon Eggs
Help the dragon save her eggs by selecting even and odd numbers
Exact Change
Click on coins to get the exact change needed.
Skater Math
Get the addition and subtraction problems correct to jump obstacles.
Subtraction Blast
Point with your mouse and blast multiples of 2 and 3.
Princess Math
Pick new clothes for the princess based on numbers to get the right answer
Fraction Tilt
Add and subtract to equalize the seesaw
Math Pup Golf
Use understanding and properties of numbers to win!
Math Pup Money Counting
Counting money under one dollar
Shape Hero
Save the city by saving the right shapes!
Clocks Memory Cards
Memory game using digital and analog clocks
Money Counting
Looking at pictures of coins add up the money!
Dolphin Dash
Count the coins to make your dolphin go faster!
ABCya Money Counting
Straight forward money counting game from ABCya
Funbrain - Makin Change
Make change given sale amount and paid amount
Piggy bank counting
Count up to the right amount of change before time runs out!
Money Honey
Read the money and translate into numerals
Counting Money
Count money using pictures of coins
Poddles Game
Add weights to the scale to arrive at the Poddle's weight
Ruler Game
Use the ruler to select the correct length
Money Matching
Match coins to the resulting sum
Add and Subtract Word Problems
Word problems involving addition and subtraction.
Making Change
Use subraction skills and money to determine change from transactions.
Another 2-step Word Problem Set
Answer this set of addition word problems.
2-Step Word Problems
Solve these two-step word problems.
Thinking Blocks Addition / Subtract
Use blocks to model addition and subtraction problems.

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