7th Grade Games - Draw, construct and describe geometrical figures and describe the relationships between them.

Solve problems involving scale drawings of geometric figures, including computing actual lengths and areas from a scale drawing and reproducing a scale drawing at a different scale.

Draw (freehand, with ruler and protractor, and with technology) geometric shapes with given conditions. Focus on constructing triangles from three measures of angles or sides, noticing when the conditions determine a unique triangle, more than one triangle, or no triangle.

Describe the two-dimensional figures that result from slicing threedimensional figures, as in plane sections of right rectangular prisms and right rectangular pyramids.

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Geometry Quiz Game
Practice Geometry and angles in this game. Calculate the numbers in your head or use a calculator. Then use your keyboard to type in your answer into the box and hit \"Submit.\"
Geometry Quiz Show
7th Grade Geometry Quiz Show Game -- multiple topics

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