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We’re Offering a Reward for Your Favorite Math Games

In the past year we’ve posted just over 150 games here at MathChimp.com.  We’ve posted games with money, interactive math games, 1st Grade math games all the way to 5th grade math games.  And believe it our not, we still can’t get enough!  You could say we’re bananas for math games! ;)

But we’re having trouble finding games for certain topics…

We’ve found and posted many games for particular topics like addition and multiplication.  But we’ve been having trouble finding games for other topics like angles and volume conversion.  We’re confident these games are out there on the interwebs, but we’re having trouble finding them.

That’s where you come in… We’re asking your help! (and offering a reward)

We need your help finding great new math games. If you have favorite math games that you think we may have missed, please let us know (especially games relating to the subjects in our Wish List below).  Getting in touch with us is easy!  Let us know by email, blog comment or tweet!

  • Add a comment to this post,
  • Email your game to us at harrychimp@mathchimp.com, or
  • Tweet at us: @mathchimp (use the hashtag #greatmathgames).

…and the reward?

As a thank you for giving back to the teaching community, we’re offering a shout-out on our homepage as a reward!  Anyone and everyone that submits a game between now and Valentine’s Day will get a shout out spot on our homepage for one week!.  We can post your name, the name of your company, a link, really anything — we’re reasonable and we’ll do everything we can to meet your request.

So, if you have a game you like to play with your class, let us know!  If you have games that you like to play at home with your kids, let us know!

(One note: To collect your reward, the games you submit do NOT have to be related to our Wish List below, but we’d really appreciate it!)

Hope to hear from you soon!

~ Harry

Math Chimp Games Wish List

  • Algebra – Factors and Multiples
  • Decimals – Multiplying and dividing decimal
  • Measurement – Relate addition and subtraction to length
  • Measurement – Conversion of measurements from a larger unit to a smaller unit
  • Measurement – Volume measurement
  • Geometry – Differentiation between shapes with similar characteristics (eg. square vs. rhombus)
  • Geometry – Angles classification (eg. acute vs. obtuse)
  • Geometry – Classifying 2-dimensional shapes