Math Chimp Takes First Place at 2013 Mari Games Competition

We’re thrilled to announce that Math Chimp won first place at the 2013 Mari Games competition for developing Freddy’s Fractions, its first original game.

Math Chimp Founder Tom Gaultney (right) accepts first place prize from John Carney, CEO of Carney Labs

The contest, which was sponsored by Carney Labs LLC, Carnegie Mellon’s LearnLab, New York University’s Games for Learning Institute, and George Mason University’s Game Design, was focused on the data behind math games, an emerging part of the education field. The competition required that applicants gather player performance data and provide insights on 35 player skills.

The judging panel for the competition consisted of international experts on games, learning and assessment.

Learn more about the competition and how we built the game.

Press Release

Play Freddy’s Fractions!  Available for mobile devices and in your browser.


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