Math Chimp Expands To Middle School

Math Chimp is expanding to middle school grades 6th through 8th!!!

Math Chimp "matures" to Middle School games :)

Math Chimp "matures" to Middle School games

Since we launched in 2010, we’ve found some great games for elementary school students, and we’ve been thrilled to see our users agree.

At first we were hesitant to expand to Middle School content. Modern day tweens seem more mature than their counterparts just a decade ago. We were concerned the interest for math games just wasn’t there.

But we looked past our concern and ultimately decided to expand because we saw that the existing landscape for Middle School games was relatively scarce. While there seems to be an abundance of Elementary School games, with many sites now catering to entertaining and educating young ones, traditionally developers haven’t focused on Middle School much. This could be seen as an indicator of non-interest by a more mature audience, but rather we think it’s an indicator of the immaturity of the math games landscape.

We think the rigidly-structured curriculum, which enables mass appeal for elementary school math games still applies to middle school. For example, student tracking into honors or advanced curriculum is still relatively uncommon in middle schools and is primarily reserved for high school students. But in middle schools, students must sill master foundational math skills.

In essence, we’re betting it’s unlikely the middle school audience has become so segmented that we can’t reach them. We see a gap in coverage for middle school students and we want to help parents and teachers continue to find fun ways to keep their students engaged