3 Cool Websites For Teacher Resources

This week we’d like to share a few cool websites we recently discovered: FreeTech4Teachers, Weebly, and Pinterest.  We think you could use these in the classroom — or if you’re a parent at home with your students.

Free Tech 4 Teachers imageFree Technology 4 Teachers is a blog run by Richard Byrne, a high school US History teacher and technology enthusiast.  As you can imagine based on the blog’s title, Free Tech introduces teachers to tools they can use to improve their lessons and increase engagement in the classroom.  We like Free Tech because it’s heavy on good content and consistently maintained and updated.

Weebly LogoWeebly offers the easiest way to create a homepage for your classroom.  Weebly is open to anyone and it’s essentially a platform for creating a website without the need to understand programming.  They’ve paid special attention to features for teachers.  Quickly drag and drop pictures and links to create a public resource that your students and parents can reference.  Here’s a great example from a 4th grade teacher at Bester Elementary School.

Pinterest LogoPinterest is relatively new social networking site that we’d best describe as a virtual bulletin board.  Users ‘pin’ their interests (typically pictures, videos, or websites) to their Pinterest page for other users to see, like, and leave comments.  We like Pinterest for it’s visual appeal.  We found this nifty reading strategies apron from our friends at Pinterest!

Hope these sites give you a few ideas for your classroom.  Drop us a comment here or tweet at us @mathchimp and tell us about any other cool sites you use.

- Harry