Five Math Learning Mobile Games for 5th Graders

While they are in 5th grade, some of them are not capable of teaching themselves to take on math, as noted by The Globe and Mail. For teachers, what makes the situation worse is that most students suffer from “Math Block,” wherein they develop a passive attitude towards the subject. Fortunately, mobile technology and gamification are here to save the day. In fact, Verizon notes that turning math lessons into games gives students the motivation and energy to master any subject. Here are five of our most recommended mobile math games from our list:

1. Factor Samurai

Factor Samurai employs the similar gameplay of Fruit Ninja, while educating kids the basics of prime factorization. A student uses a Samurai sword to chop composite numbers, which will be factored into prime values. For example, kids can chop the number 65 into 13 and 5. It’s a great stepping stone to introduce 5th graders to a more complex topic, as the challenges come in three stages: grasshopper, apprentice, and master. After finishing a level, they are rewarded with colored swords which they can use in the succeeding stages.

2. Match Up Math

According to the app description, Match Up Math helps students practice the four fundamental operations: Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction. To clear the board, students need to match the right numerical tile that equates to the math question. Aside from the basic operations, they can also learn fractions, decimals, and the logic in answering the tile puzzles. The game comes with a Hint Button, which they can toggle when the equations get more difficult.

3. Chicken Coop Fractions

While teaching fractions and decimals, Chicken Coop Fractions injects an entertaining approach, as two chickens named Henriette and Gudhen fire eggs at the number line. For learners, the goal is to drag a nest along the number line, and catch the falling fraction eggs to prevent them from breaking. To place the nest, kids must be able to estimate the decimal equation of the falling fraction egg. Players can choose between proper and improper fractions, and pick the level of difficulty. The beauty about the game is that it gives a visual illustration of a difficult skill in the subject.

4. Operation Math

Operation Math is an action-packed adventure for iOS and Android devices, wherein the students play as Agent Prime. The spy game involves a 60-second gameplay, wherein Agent Prime must find the secret bases of Dr. Odd, and break the doors that block the escape route. The mathematical equations appear at the door, and the player has to indicate the right answer through the secret agent watch. For starting 5th graders, there’s a quick training section before each mission.

5.   5th Grade Splash Math Worksheets Game

This edition of the Splash Math Worksheets is done in the same outer space theme of its predecessor, which gives nine chapters that cover the common math curriculum for 5th graders. Aside from the basic operations, the worksheets come with challenges on place value, geometry, and measurement. Kids are required to work individually at their own pace, as their avatar travels through the space while answering math equations. Parents and teachers can assign homework to students, in which their progress will be measured through a bar graph.

These mobile games prove that learning the most dreaded subject in school doesn’t have to be monotonous. We hope these games come in handy for your next learning session.

How do you plan to use them?

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Jennifer Birch has a passion for teaching younger kids, especially when educating them with math principles. She’s always on the lookout to search for the latest mobile math games, which she uses strategically in tutor sessions. If you think Jenni missed an important mobile game on her list, feel free to message her on Twitter.



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