June Teacher Resources

We found three more fun activities for the classroom for this June — Summer is almost here!

Hairy sure is going to be thirsty when he gets here!

Count crows as you celebrate Aesop’s Birthday (June 4th)

Aesop sure taught me a thing or two back in the day, and his lessons are timeless treasures for your classroom as well! — so memorable!  Elizabeth Yetter shares a few ideas for your Aesop celebration and learning plan.

Eat some treats for National Chocolate Ice Cream Day (June 7th)

Talk through the chemistry of ice cream with your class during a chocolate ice cream activity.

Show your pride during National Flag Week (June 10th – June 16th)

For grades 3-5, the Smithsonian Institute has helped introduce National Flag week into the classroom.  This activity uses measurement and geometry skills — though admittedly not the most exciting lesson I’ve seen.

Hope you enjoy these.  If you have tips or other suggestions for the classroom for June, be sure and drop a comment or find me on Twitter… @mathchimp.

- Harry