Math Video Resources – 4 Greats

Continuing with last week’s “favorites” theme, this week we’re sharing a few of our favorite instructional video sites.  This topic veers a bit from the core content here at Math Chimp. Regardless these instructional videos can be a great resource for teachers and parents looking to switch up their classroom routine.

#4. is a great social media concept — Teachers sharing content with teachers. Organized similar to, Teachertube has lots of content which can be searched for hours. Topics are grown and guided by the user-base. There are a few nooks in the site that have a surprising level of detail. We like Teachertube for building the community around educational instructional videos, but we wish the site was a little easier to use. Some videos are top quality, and some are not. It’s a good resource nonetheless.

#3. is simple, clean, and very usable. It’s a great example of well thought out design, which can be hard to find online. Videos on are organized by topic and are sorted by difficulty (ie. grade level). The site is a fantastic resource for homeschool parents looking for instructional content that builds on previous lessons. Our only suggestion is that create additional content.

#2. Gamequarium has a bit more content than NeoK12, which makes it a comprehensive resource. The site’s organization is a little more granular than as well, which is good for teachers looking for information on specific topics. However, the site appears to be limited to Pre-K to 3rd grade in most topics.

#1. Khan Academy, now famous for receiving support from TED and the Gates Foundation, is simple and useful.  Lessons are less than 10 minutes and cover a wide selection of topics.  Recently, they added practice exercises and launched analytics that enable users to track progress over time.  Khan also provides a suite of teacher tools that help teachers reinforce classroom learning.  We like where Khan is headed, and with support from their high-visibility sponsors, we’re confident they’ll be around for a while.

Hope these videos are helpful. See you soon!

- Harry