Coming Soon… My Favorites Page

One upcoming enhancement that we mentioned in our Preview of 2012 back in December is the “Favorites” page.  We’ll be rolling it out soon enough, but in the meantime we’ll share with you our inspiration for this new site feature and its functionality.


Netflix is undoubtedly a dominating force in online movie and TV watching.  I can still remember the first time I watched my favorite Charlton Heston Remake streaming from my Netflix Account — what a day!  And though Netflix has had some difficultly recently with their pricing, I still appreciate their user experience.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Netflix has mastered the user experience around rating movies.  Their rating system is simple to understand, simple to use, and it improves your experience because it enables them to suggest movies to you.  They successfully established a self-reinforcing process that improve their product and the user experience.  Users WANT to rate movies — over and over and over — because it enhances their overall experience.

Borrowing a page out of the Netflix user experience handbook, we’re underway developing a My Favorites page that will function much like your Netflix “Movies I’ve Rated” page.

My Favorites Functionality

Your My Favorites page here at Math Chimp will have two pieces of functionality:  it will list your ratings, and it will suggest new games for you to try.

On your Math Chimp Favorites page, you’ll be able to see all the games you’ve rated.  No more trying to remember where on the site you found that great Jet Ski Addition game.  Instead, all the games you’ve rated will be on one page for you to peruse and replay at your leisure.

We’ll also suggest other games that we think will interest you.  We’ll look at games you’ve given a high rating, and we’ll suggest other similar games.  So if you typically play 1st grade-level math games, then we’ll suggest a 1st grade game that’s highly-rated by other users.  And if you’ve played several money counting games, we’ll suggest more of those.

We think that the My Favorites page will be a top feature here at Math Chimp and we’re excited about it.  So keep your eyes peeled (and bananas too) for upcoming announcements on this new feature.

- Harry