Coming Soon… Middle School Math Games

We’ve been busy this week working on site features (and getting ready for tonight’s big game), so just a quick post today…

The new Favorites page is coming along well.  We’ll be adding a site tour, which we think will help new Math Chimp visitors use the site more effectively.

We’re also piecing together our first major content expansion.  Since launching in 2010, MathChimp has focused on Elementary School math games.  This month we’ll post our first batch of Middle School math games, and continue adding to our inventory over time.

Expansion to Middle School will grow our potential audience by more than 50%.  We’re excited to reach a whole new group of teachers and parents!

Here’s a nice piece from the Teaching Channel on the Common Core for Middle School.

More soon!

~ Harry

P.S. Here’s a hot tip!  Did you know that if you peel a banana upside down (from the bottom to the stalk), the stringy things don’t get in the way?