The Ultimate Math Cheat Sheet

Want to make sure your child’s math skills are where they need to be? Need to know what math skills to work on over the summer? Look no further than the Ultimate Math Cheat Sheet. Covering kindergarten through sixth grade, this awesome infographic depicts the basic math skills taught at each grade level, as well as tips and tricks for helping kids learn those skills. Looking for ideas for a particular grade level? Check out all the ways the Ultimate Math Cheat Sheet can help you!

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Math Cheat Sheet via Math Game Time


For kindergarten, colorful pictures and diagrams help parents understand what it means to learn orientation vocabulary and solve basic equations using addition and subtraction. Parents can even use the colorful graphics as inspiration for activities they complete with their children. For example, you can draw faces on numbers to add a bit of fun as kids use them or use a bowl of fruit to set up your own addition and subtraction equations.

1st Grade

Parents of first graders will discover a sample word problem and diagrams to help them understand concepts such as developing an understanding of linear measurements and place value or composing and decomposing geometric shapes. Pull out your rulers and some tangrams and use the Ultimate Math Cheat Sheet to help get your child started with measuring and making shapes!

2nd Grade

Did you know that King Henry died drinking chocolate milk? Well, maybe that didn’t really happen, but the phrase serves as a handy tool for remembering metric measurements. Parents will also find a fun diagram used to help kids remember standard units of measurement, such as how many quarts are in a gallon. Print out the cheat sheet to have the diagrams handy or work with your kids to make their own silly versions of the diagram and come up with silly rhymes of their own.

3rd Grade

Third grade is all about multiplication. Do you know the multiplying by 9s hand trick? The Ultimate Math Cheat Sheet shares that trick, along with a unique way to understand the concept of multiplication. Once your child has those down, move on to the overview of the order of operations and some fun diagrams to teach your child about fractions.

4th Grade

For 4th grade, the Ultimate Math Cheat Sheet has a few tricks to help kids learn about the distributive property and the order of operations. You may be familiar with PEMDAS (parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction), but do you know the butterfly method for adding and subtracting fractions? Take a look at the infographic and find a new tool to use with your kids!

5th Grade

Fifth grade math involves slightly more complicated concepts. Diagrams will help you understand how to find the volume of solid figures, cubes, liquids, and other concepts of volume measurement. You’ll also discover a unique way to look at multiplying multi-digit whole numbers that will make the process so much easier!

6th Grade

For sixth grade, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division head to a whole new level. Discover a fun way to multiply and divide fractions by fractions. Then get a visual overview of the FOIL method to make it easier to multiply two binomials using the distributive property. Does that sound too complex? It won’t seem nearly as complex when you see it laid out on the Ultimate Math Cheat Sheet.

Of course, once you’ve gotten the skills down pat, you’ll need to find opportunities for your kids to practice using those skills. Check out the important references and learning tools at the bottom of this amazing infographic to find plenty of games, apps, worksheets, and other tools to help build your child’s math skills.