Our New Years Resolution… Consistency

New Years has come and gone, and while some people question the value of resolutions, we here at Math Chimp see resolutions as a way we can continue to sharpen the saw.

So what are our resolutions this year, and how will they change how you use Math Chimp?

We considered resolutions on several different topics: site development, social media involvement, and improving our design.  But we eventually decided on something a little broader: consistency.  We think users appreciate consistent feature deployment, consistent blog posts, consistent site design, etc., and we think consistency across everything we do will improve our user experience here at Math Chimp.  So we’re going to spend 2012 focusing on it.

Our Resolution:  As we continue growing, we think that posting games, blog posts, and site features consistently will create more satisfying experience for our users.  To that end, we’re establishing a schedule for posting games, blogs, and site features.

Blog posts on Sundays

Each week we want to help you get started off on the right foot.  So, on Sundays we’re going to post our blog articles.  We hope you’ll read them Sunday evening while you’re ramping up for the week, or Monday morning while you sip your joe during a morning break.

Games on Wednesdays

We plan to post new games on Wednesdays.  We chose Wednesday because we want our games to give you a nice break in the middle of your week.  When Monday and Tuesday are behind you, why not check out a few new games over here at Math Chimp?  You may just end up playing one or two of them with your students. :)

These schedule changes are going into effect immediately! (notice the publish date on this blog post ;) )

We hope these schedule changes will make the time you spend here at Math Chimp more enjoyable.  We hope you look forward to our games and blog posts.  Like an old superhero-friend used to say, “Tune in next week — same Chimp-time, same Chimp-channel!”

- Harry


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