Enabling User-Submitted Activities at Math Chimp

Next Monday, we’re launching a feature called “Add An Activity.” For the first time users here at Math Chimp will be able to submit their own activities to Math Chimp.

The addition is part of our larger effort to build a community around Math Chimp. In 2011, we added user ratings, enabling users to provide feedback on every game, video and worksheet at Math Chimp. We’ve already received hundreds of ratings from our registered Math Chimp users. In 2012, we added miscategorization flags, allowing users to draw attention to misplaced games so that we can properly categorize them.

Starting March 4th, Math Chimp users will be able to identify new activities not on Math Chimp that they want included in our listings. Of course, we’ll review and approve these activities before adding them to the site.

We hope the introduction of “Add An Activity” will help us grow our listings to over 1,000 activities this year — we currently have over 300. But more importantly, it will improve the quality of activities on Math Chimp. ¬†We continue striving to be the go-to place for online activities aligned to the Common Core.

Thanks for dropping by!


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